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Android 11 out now, check what is new in it


Android 11 out now, check what is new in it Android 11 is launched now. The latest Android version is not meant to give a renovating of the operating system but it means to give an easy way to help you manage conversions, privacy, connected devices, and much more. The major addition in Android 11 is to bring your phone over Android 10 is a dedicated space for conversions. Moreover, it also adds new privacy-focused alterations. Google has launched Android 11 for pixel 2 and other models.


How to download and install Android 11?

If you have a later pixel phone or pixel 2 then Google will give you a notification for downloading Android 11. Alternatively, you can check for the update by going through settings>System>system update. Now, Google has launched the Android 11 OTA update files for the compatible pixel phones which you can sideload manually after downloading them onto the handset.


Top new features of Android 11

  • Conversions: The best feature in Android 11 is that which brings to your phone is the dedicated space for all text and messages which is available in the notification. It is called conversions.
  • Bubbles: The other big change is Bubbles. It allows you to take a look at important messages without leaving your work you are doing on your phone.
  • Built-in screen recording: In pixel phone, you need to install a third-party app for screen recording. In Android 11, screen recording is available as a standard feature to let you capture your screen. You can also able to record sound from a microphone, device, or both.
  • Updated power menu: In android 11, Google has updated the power menu with the ability to let you access all your smartphones by a long pressing menu button.
  • Auto-reset permissions: It allows you auto-reset permissions for your unused apps. it is very helpful.

India is the “foremost” strategic partner for France.


India is the “foremost” strategic partner for France.

France described India as it’s ‘Foremost’ strategic partner in Asia, and the French Defence Minister Florence Parly will be visiting India today to further the defense cooperation with New Delhi, India. The first batch of Rafale jets will be inducted today in Ambala, and Parly is a guest in that ceremony. She will be meeting up with the Indian Defense minister Rajnath Singh and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval. She will be given a guard of honor upon her arrival.


This event occurred four years after signing the inter-governmental agreement with France to procure 36 aircraft at 59,000 crore rupees. The meeting between the defense ministers will focus on maritime security ties within the indo-pacific, modalities in the continued armed forces, and industrial and technological deals with the Make in India program. The talks of French President Immanuel Macron and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi about deepening the Indo-french relationship with strategic autonomy and multi-polar order as it’s cornerstones.


The French defense minister will be accompanied by defense majors who have been working on the Rafale deal. The program in Ambala will start with a traditional ‘Sarva dharma Puja.’ A special salute- which is the water cannon salute will be given to the Rafale aircraft in Ambala.


The French ambassador Emmanuel Lenain talked on twitter about the strengthening ties between the two countries. The relations have been in a continuous upswing. Areas of civil nuclear cooperation, trade, security, and investment are part of the Indo-French strategic relationship’s principal pillars. The two countries are expanding their engagements by talking about the Indian oceanic region, change, and sustainable growth and development.


The economy is retrieving rapidly from July after the first quarter: Ministry of Finance


The economy is retrieving rapidly from July after the first quarter: Ministry of Finance From April to July staring in the business financial year, the finance minister is positive about the future among the disappointment from the fall of 23.9% fall. He further claims that the process of unlocking the economy gives a positive result and the economy is recovering from August. A report related to this was launched on Friday by the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance.

As per the reports, the signs of V shape are auto sales, tractor sales, railway freight, cement products, electricity consumption, highways bill toll collection, retail level financial transactions, manufacturing PMI, and major industry performance and exports are being reached. The finance ministry stated that the production level of all these sectors has been reached or exceeded.

Automobile sales indicated an increment in August which declines in the quarter of April to July. Two-wheeler’s sales are also increased by 7 to 8% as compared to last year. Through the nourishing of agriculture and rural economy, the production of fertilizers continues to increase from the last three months as compared to last year.

As per the report of the finance minister, 9.52 million tonnes of goods were transported in July. In the last year July month, 9.97 million tons of goods were transported. The number of passengers has canceled their bookings in April. In July month, 1.46 Crore passengers traveled by air. The number of air passengers increased to 21.1 lakh.

In July month this year, steel production was near about 74.02 lakh tonnes and cement production was 242.47 lakh tonnes. According to the Ministry of Finance, electricity consumption met 97% in the August month of last year. In August month of this year, 13.8 lakh Crore electricity bill was produced which is equal to 97.2% of last year.



Android 11 out now, check what is new in it

Android 11 out now, check what is new in it Android 11 is launched now. The latest Android version is not meant to give...


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