Android 11 out now, check what is new in it


Android 11 out now, check what is new in it Android 11 is launched now. The latest Android version is not meant to give a renovating of the operating system but it means to give an easy way to help you manage conversions, privacy, connected devices, and much more. The major addition in Android 11 is to bring your phone over Android 10 is a dedicated space for conversions. Moreover, it also adds new privacy-focused alterations. Google has launched Android 11 for pixel 2 and other models.


How to download and install Android 11?

If you have a later pixel phone or pixel 2 then Google will give you a notification for downloading Android 11. Alternatively, you can check for the update by going through settings>System>system update. Now, Google has launched the Android 11 OTA update files for the compatible pixel phones which you can sideload manually after downloading them onto the handset.


Top new features of Android 11

  • Conversions: The best feature in Android 11 is that which brings to your phone is the dedicated space for all text and messages which is available in the notification. It is called conversions.
  • Bubbles: The other big change is Bubbles. It allows you to take a look at important messages without leaving your work you are doing on your phone.
  • Built-in screen recording: In pixel phone, you need to install a third-party app for screen recording. In Android 11, screen recording is available as a standard feature to let you capture your screen. You can also able to record sound from a microphone, device, or both.
  • Updated power menu: In android 11, Google has updated the power menu with the ability to let you access all your smartphones by a long pressing menu button.
  • Auto-reset permissions: It allows you auto-reset permissions for your unused apps. it is very helpful.


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